TAYMYR forwarding

From the moment you register
your shipment with Taymyr Forwarding
We will cover every aspect of the process.


TAYMYR forwarding

The Taymyr Peninsula is a peninsula
in the Far North of Russia,
in the Siberian Federal District


TAYMYR forwarding

Taymyr Forwarding is specialized
in the transport of loads From and
To Russia,

Specialist in the transportation of cargo to and from Russia

Taymyr Forwarding specializes in the transportation of cargo to and from Russia, especially to her North part, harbours of Murmansk, Arkhangelsk and Dudinka. Shipments to these regions often require a unique approach, with complex customs regulations and local procedures to consider.  At Taymyr Forwarding we use our in depth knowledge and experience in these regions to ensure your shipments are delivered efficiently, safely and on time.  Whether your shipment is small, large, urgent or hazardous, Taymyr Forwarding will manage every aspect of the delivery process to ensure your specific needs are met.

Of course, our forwarding services reach beyond Russia. We can take care of your transportation needs all over the world.